Monday, 19 June 2017

Different Methods Used by Hair Transplant Specialists in South Delhi

Hair thinning and baldness is the most common problem that most men and women suffer. Though there are many temporary solutions available in the market, the hair transplant in South Delhi is said to be the best and permanent solution. The transplant surgical process is ultimately achieved by extracting follicles or grafts from the back of the scalp which are more resistant to hormonal changes and transplanting them in bald area of the scalp. Basically, there are two methods of removing the grafts. One is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and the other is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

In FUT method, a strip is removed out of the back of the scalp and is separated into individual grafts to replant them in the bald area. Whereas, in FUE method, the process involves of extracting individual follicles, rather than a strip, and planting them on a bald scalp with the help of fine blades and needles.

While consulting the best dermatologist, the surgeon inspects the condition and recommends the method of hair transplant in South Delhi which is best suited to the patient.

Advantages of FUT method:

·         A large area of baldness can be covered
·         The areas while the grafts that get cut whilst removing (resection rate) can be lesser with more accurate outcome. However, the resection area can be less depending on the experience of the surgeon.
Advantages of FUE Method:
·         The process does not involve any cut or stiches because the method does not involve removing an entire strip from the back of the scalp.
·         As there are no cuts or stiches, the recovery is expected to be quick and the patient can return to its normal routine life the next day itself after the surgery.
·         There is no linear scar.

Hence, a different group of people is recommended either of the methods of hair transplant in South Delhi. For example, people with active lifestyle and smaller section of baldness are suggested for FUE technique, whereas, people with a large area of baldness are recommended to FUT technique.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Hair Transplant in Delhi for Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is one the most common cause of hair loss that is commonly observed in men after the age of 40, but, people with young age can also experience the baldness due to some factors like unbalanced diet, improper sleep, genetic changes, or a family history of baldness.


The pattern is medically known as androgenetic alopecia. The condition doesn’t start with direct hair fall, but at first, the hair begins getting thin on the top of the head, and then a bald patch gradually becomes visible in the middle of the scalp, also known as a crown area of the scalp. When people observes receding sides and bald patches, they start taking several oils, serums, or gels to stop the hair loss, but the condition starts getting even worse because they might contain some harmful chemicals. Therefore, getting a hair transplant in Delhi is recommended as it is the best and permanent solution for recovering from the baldness. The treatment works by removing hair follicles from the back area of the scalp and then the follicles are replaced on the thinning or bald area of the scalp. The surgeons suggest the treatment as it is the best permanent solution that gives natural look to the scalp.
Understanding the hair cycle:
Each follicle produces hundreds of strands during their lifetime. Basically, their cycle is divided into three phases:
  • Anagen – also known as growth phase. Basically, it lasts for up to three to five years and the hairs grow approximately 1 cm every month. This phase determines the growth cycle that is usually about 85%. Thus, if the growth stops or scalp starts getting bald, it is suggested to undergo the hair transplant in Delhi to prevent further consequences.
  • Catagen – this phase is followed by the Anagen phase and is said to be an involutional stage lasting for around two weeks.
  • Telogen – it is also known as a dormant phase that lasts for up to three months. Hair transplant in Delhi is advised in this phase as well because the follicles remain on the scalp but don’t grow.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Factors Responsible for the Hair Transplant in South Delhi

As we all know that the lifestyle of people living in Delhi is very hectic and stressful. They have to work day and night just to meet their work objectives. And this imbalanced lifestyle has taken them into the major concern of hair fall and this is because of the increased amount of exposure to pollution, stress, sleepless nights, following hairstyle trends, etc. According to a survey report, shedding 50 to 100 hairs in a day is considered to be normal, but, if the number of shedding hairs exceeds this ratio, then it’s a sign that you need to consult the dermatologist. Dr. Dutt is the best dermatologist in Delhi who is experienced in the medical field and has been practicing in the field of dermatology since 1982. He had successfully performed numbers of hair transplant in South Delhi. He shares the most common causes of the hair fall are the family history of baldness, unhealthy diet, and hormonal changes. There are various other factors that behave as the underlying cause of the hair loss:
·         Hair loss can be observed on a short-term basis due to the halt in the hair growth cycle. The condition can be caused due to the illness, surgeries, or traumatic situations. However, the patient overcomes from the hair loss usually just with the medications.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Do You Really Need the Best Hair Transplant Center in Delhi?

Today, the hair fall and hair thinning has become a major concern among the generation. Before the 21st century, such concerns were only observed after the age of 40, but today, it can be easily witnessed at the early age of 20s. Generally, the majority of men are the victims of the severe hair fall which then leads to the baldness concerns. The major causes of male pattern baldness are generally having a family history or the genetic changes. Researchers and doctors have found that the male pattern baldness is linked with changes in male’s sexual hormones called androgens. The androgens functions in a number of ways including regulating hair growth. Dermatologist in Delhi explains that shedding 50 to 100 hairs every day is normal because at the same time the follicle is replaced by the new hair, but, if a person is witnessing severe hair fall and baldness, then it is suggested to undergo the best hair transplant in Delhi as it is the best and permanent solution for the baldness.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Some Don’ts to be Followed after the Hair Transplant in Delhi

Hairs are a crown of a person and what if a person loses his crown? Hair loss can be the worst nightmare, especially for men. Even the little sight of hair loss causing bald spot can put a guy into a panic condition. But, the hope is not lost with the emergence of the latest techniques of hair transplant in Delhi along with satisfied results. So, if you have decided to undergo the hair transplant treatment then there are some post-care tips that you should know before going through the treatment.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Advanced Equipment Used for Hair Transplant in Delhi

Hair transplant is a surgical treatment that is performed to treat the baldness or hair loss in both men and women. During the process, the tiny strips or patches from the backside scalp are removed and implanted to the bald spots, usually on the top and front portion of the head. Best Hair transplant in Delhi is performed on the patients (usually men and occasionally women) who are suffering from the thinning of hairs, severe hair fall, and bald spots. Men victims the baldness the most because of the genetic factors like the family history and the age. In men, the hair fall or baldness mostly occurs on the crown or top of the head scalp, whereas, in women, hair fall is experienced due to the hormonal changes and thinning of hair on the entire head.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Best and Affordable Solution of Hair Transplant in Delhi for Bald Scalp

Do remember the fairy tale stories? Now what strikes your mind? A stunning grand house, huge farms, so many servants around, and a beautiful an elegant princess with black, straight, and healthy long hairs. Since the ancient times, our hairs have added significance to our physical appearance. Can you imagine a beautiful princess with bald look? Or can imagine a prince charming with thin or clear bald? I think you have understood the importance of hairs in our life. We mostly take the hairs for granted and does not much care for them and when the condition gets worst, we run to a dermatologist and expect from them to grow the hairs back again on your scalp in one day. Sounds like an impossible thing in earlier days, but not now. Scientists understand the impatience curiosity of a patient who is suffering from a severe hair fall and therefore, have invented the latest technology of hair transplant in Delhi. Though, getting the hairs back again on the bald scalp is now no more impossible.